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What is LanguaBooks™?

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LanguaBooks™ utilize state-of-the-art speech scoring technology from SRI International for language learning and reading skills improvement

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The reader receives easy to understand visual feedback on his speaking ability and is there able to improve both language and reading skills

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actually measure the spoken words of the reader for correctness and nativeness

Watch these videos to get an idea how LanguaBooks™ can be used by struggling readers, kids and adult English learners

LanguaBooks™ use Speech Scoring technology from SRI International to teach you to speak to be understood.

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for children

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The latest technologies will help improve their ability to understand native speakers, correctly pronounce English words and improve reading their techniques.

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The built-in assessment system tracks points for the students based on their progress to motivate them to read again and again.

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Interesting books from leading international publishing houses encourage children to read books over and over again.

LanguaBooks™ for student

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Unique techniques to improve listening comprehension and pronunciation of English words based on topics that are taught in school.

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Listen to audio from native professional narrators, with visualization of results and errors from reading the text. Creates unique opportunities for learning English.

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The combination of the latest technologies helps make of learning English fun.

LanguaBooks™ for adults

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The ability to increase the level of English when time for study is limited.

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A unique combination of learning methods with a focus on real-world communication skills and subject matter is perfect for adults.

LanguaBooks™ for educators

  • Accelerate learning for their student

  • High quality, Engaging content. Free access to 140+ LanguaBooks for different grades and topics.

  • Access a variety of reports from utilization through scoring on pronunciation even down to the phoneme level.

LanguaBooks™ for parents

  • Create an exciting experience to share with their children.

  • The child benefits from two teachers in one! The LanguaBooks provides a native speaker model and the parent provides additional learning support.

  • Parents can access a variety of reports to control kids readings and track progress.

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